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We measure ourselves using KPIs for each stage of the process and we believe we are the best!

    The most important element of any Japanese Knotweed treatment programme is that all the affected land is treated at the same time to prevent the infestation passing back and forth between different properties. It is very important the neighbours cooperate fully with this programme. We also specialise in liaising and managing the project between the neighbours where there are difficult relationships, and getting documented proof of permission to enter and treat infested land.

    If you do not deal with a Japanese Knotweed infestation on your land, you could become liable in a civil court. A legal precedent was established by a court case in 2017 where two neighbours successfully claimed costs and damages against Network Rail for loss of value to their homes, loss of their right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of their property and the cost of treating the infestation. The total payout to Network Rail was upwards of £30,000 for each neighbour. 

    Local authorities can also take action to treat infestations and cover costs where owners of infested land persistently ignore demands to act. 


    We measure ourselves using KPIs for each stage of the process and we believe we are the best!

      We have become aware of a number of companies operating a ‘No-win, No-fee’ legal service to target owners of land with Japanese Knotweed where it is causing a nuisance or risk to neighbouring land; we understand there has been a particular focus on local authority land.

      We have been made aware of companies engaging in costly treatment programmes and making inflated claims on behalf of their clients without first speaking to the land owner.

      Although we have seen many cases where irresponsible neighbours have caused suffering to others by not acting, we do not support profiteering from Japanese Knotweed and would be happy to provide a full Japanese Knotweed Survey and a reasonable treatment quote to provide a more balanced basis for assessing any damages.

      We would always urge you to speak to your neighbour first and come to some arrangement if at all possible.

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