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We measure ourselves using KPIs for each stage of the process and we believe we are the best!

    Clearsafe Knotweed, as a team of experts, have worked for many years in and around the construction industry (see about us). We understand how it works, the drivers, the pressures and the risks for all involved. We are comfortable both in office environments and with workers onsite. We’ve seen Knotweed in many situations and will work with you to find the solution.

    Building Development Consultation

    Looking to develop land with Japanese Knotweed onsite? 

    We offer two options; either one-off consultations or consultancy packages tailored to your needs. As well as giving advice, we produce reports, risk assessments and method statements. 

    Training Construction Workers and Professionals 

    Our professionally qualified trainers will come onsite to train workers in how to recognise all parts of the Japanese Knotweed plant and the risks and controls needed onsite. We take a hands-on approach to training and pride ourselves in creating rapport when guiding and educating others.

    Production of site documents and information

    We will produce the documents you need such as toolbox talks, guidance notes, posters, signage for awareness.


    We measure ourselves using KPIs for each stage of the process and we believe we are the best!

      Onsite Japanese Knotweed consultancy service- Clearsafe Knotweed can help you with the following:

      • General Logistical Advice – This is to help plan and set up your site, to minimise the risks of moving the infestation around both the site and the potential of spreading the infestation around the site or worse, offsite!
      • Excavate and Bund Onsite –‘Bunding’ combines excavation and containment to a designated area onsite to allow us to carry out herbicide treatment. This avoids the high cost of removal offsite while allowing you to continue developing most of the land.
      • Excavate and Remove Offsite – This is the highest cost solution and is usually employed when development requires immediate use of the whole land. The Knotweed infestation is dug up and removed via licensed waste carriers; our Japanese Knotweed consultancy will help you minimise the quantity being removed.

      Commercial 5 or 10 year Treatment Plans with or without an Insurance Backed Guarantee*

      Herbicide application programmes to treat the Japanese Knotweed. The Insurance Backed Guarantee reassures and protects contractors, developers and their clients against the re-emergence of the infestation.

      Single Herbicide Applications

      Some customers prefer to pay for a herbicide treatment programme on a ‘spray by spray’ basis. A single treatment is unlikely to eradicate a Japanese Knotweed infestation but will knock the infestation back temporarily.

      Land Clearance

      At Clearsafe Knotweed, we provide specialised land clearance around Japanese Knotweed infestations to help you use the land again without spreading the infestation further.

      Treatment for all Other Invasive Weed Species

      We also deal with other invasive weeds such as Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Bamboo and Horsetail (Mare’s Tail). 

      (*The Insurance Backed Guarantee is a third party product that is required by mortgage companies so that if the contractor becomes insolvent the infestation will still be treated. It lasts for 5 or 10 years after Clearsafe Knotweed has finished the contract. Clearsafe Knotweed has had to become members of the PCA to be able to issue these, we are full members, many in the South Wales area are only provisional members).

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